ASP.NET Starter Kits

Important: Do not install more than one starter kit on the same directory, because the most recent Starter Kit will overwrite any previous Starter Kits. If you wish to install more than one Starter Kit, you will need to create a separate directory for each one.
Commerce The Commerce Starter Kit demonstrates an ecommerce storefront application complete with shopping cart, product catalog, and a web service to submit orders.
Community The Community Starter Kit enables an individual or an ISP to quickly create a community Web site such as a user group site, a developer resource site, or a news site.
Time Tracker The Time Tracker Starter Kit demonstrates how to build a line-of-business ASP.NET application to track time worked on projects.
Reports The Reports Starter Kit demonstrates a simple data reporting solution for displaying multiple views on data, creating charts, and rendering any type of data in a Web application.
Portal The ASP.NET Portal Starter Kit demonstrates how you can use ASP.NET and the .NET Framework to build a dynamic portal application. The ASP.NET Portal Starter Kit offers all the functionality of typical portal applications.



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Last modified: October 11, 2010