User Name: (Required) This field is for inputing your administrator user name.

Password: (Required) This field is for inputing your administrator password. Please use your password for FTP not email.

Hostname/IP Address: (Required) This field is for identifying your IP address or host/domain name.

Contact Email: (Required) This field is for inputing an email address to which the WebTrends server can send messages.

Time Frame: (Select) This field is for selecting the amount of time you wish the report to cover. If you choose Automatic reporting, your report will be generated automatically at following time:

TimeFrame Date for automatic reporting
Last 7 days every 7 days from today
Last 14 days every 14 days from today
Last 30 days every 30 days from today
Last Week every Sunday morning
Last two week every other Sunday morning
Last Month every first day of each month
This Month every month the same day as today
This Week every 7 days from today
Today Not supported
Yesterday Not supported

Report Template: (Select)This option specifies the "Report Template" this profile will use when creating reports. A template defines the content,Complete Summary contains all the tables, and Quick Summary contains the least tables.

Language (Select) You can specify the language in which the report will be generated, currently, only English, French, German and Spanish are supported.

Report Type: (Optional)This option specify which reports this profile generates and you can specify multiple report at one time. Please be careful when you trying to specify daily report, it'll take about 0.4 Mega bytes for each report.

Save To: (Select) This field is for selecting where you would like the report to be saved. Web Site will place the report into to report directory on your site. Email will email the report to you in zip format. If you choose Both, your report will be put to your web site and another copy will be sent to you by email.

Automatic Reporting (Select) This field is for specifying whether to generate web traiifc report automatically. We'll generate the report for you according to your specification at your specified timeframe. If you'd like to have a one-time report, please select "NO".
Notice: We'll only keep a single copy of your automatic report specification. Your new request will OVERWRITE your existing automatic report specification if you choose "YES" for Automatic Reporting.

Submitting a month request:
       User Name: rsmith
        Password: lament
 IP Address/Host:
   Contact Email:
      Time Frame: Last Month
 Report Template: Quick Summary
        Language: English
         Save to: Web Site
     Report Type: Monthly Report
Automatic Reporting: YES

If you receive an e-mail stating your request could not be processed, it's usally caused by the WebTrends server not being able to communicate with InterNIC. Try your request an hour or so later.

If you receive an e-mail stating your user name or password are incorrect, please try resubmitting your request making sure to watch for CaSe.

If you receive an e-mail stating your domain was invalid, it means your domain was either not found in the InterNIC whois, or InterNIC does not have your site pointing to our domain name servers.

You can convert your reports into Microsoft Word or Excel reports from your web browser in order for easier review and presentations. To make the conversion, your system running web browser have to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Microsoft NT or Microsoft 2000 system.
  • Microsoft Office must be installed.

    The first time you select a Microsoft report option in the Report Viewer, the WebTrends converter installation package is automatically downloaded. The installation package contains the files needed to convert HTML reports to Word or Excel format. Once the converter files are on your system, the HTML report is downloaded to your system and converted to Microsoft Word or Excel format.


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