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This function allows you to set individual user permissions. Setting user permissions allows you to control the type of access a user has to files and directories on your site.

FrontPage users should be careful when setting permissions on directories. The permissions of the default FrontPage directories and files such as _vti_xxx cannot be changed. If FrontPage extensions are currently installed on the site, the permissions of the default anonymous web user browsers@DefaultUserName cannot be changed on the web root.

To reset database directory permissions, click "Reset Database Permissions".

 User Name (Required)
This field is for identifying the user for which you wish to set permissions. The default is the anonymous web browser account, browsers@DefaultUserName. You can click the user name or add a user from the list. The permissions of the group Admins@DefaultUserName cannot be changed. It is the site administration group.
 Directory (Not Required)
This field is for identifying the directory for which you wish to set permissions. The default is the root directory. You can browse any directories or files.
 Permissions (Required)
This field is for selecting the level of access you wish to grant the user.
 Sub Directories (Not Required)
This field allows you to select whether or not you want the permissions to filter to all directories beneath the directory in the directory field.


List permission allows a user access to the directory, but they have no rights to the files within the directory.

All users must have at least list access to the root directory in order to log in through FTP.




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Last modified: October 11, 2010