MyAdmin Console


 This function allows you to install a customizable control panel. You can customize the background color of the left navigation menu and/or the logo of the control panel.

After you have installed your customizable control panel at /myadmin, you can use both the unchangeable /admin control panel and the customizeble /myadmin control panel interchangeably without losing any settings.

You can only modify the /myadmin/head/default.asp (logo) file and the /myadmin/nav/default.asp (Menu background color) file. You may not alter any other part of your control panel.

You may need to adjust the size of your logo file to fit the interface. The size of the current logo is 760 pixels x 70 pixels.

Note: If the MyAdmin Console was previously installed, it will overwrite all current MyAdmin Console files, causing all previous settings to be lost. We will not support any functionality issues with MyAdmin console that has been modified.

 Logo Filename (Not Required)
This field is for the logo file name which is replaced the default logo. If you want to use the default logo, you can type UseDefaultLogo or left the field blank. You can browse the logo file on your site. If you use your own logo, you may need to make sure the size of the logo fits the page.



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Last modified: October 11, 2010