Edit User Properties


This function allows you to change user's password, set a user to be a site administrator (or a non-administrative user), and edit a userís FTP logon directory.

Change Password
Change the user's password.

Change to be a Site Administrator/Change to be a Non-administrative User
If the user is a site administrator, clicking the link will make the user non-administrative, and thus will remove that userís administration privileges and FTP access will be disabled. To grant a non-administrative user FTP access, click Edit next to the words "FTP Access Disabled" and follow the instructions directly following this section, under Edit FTP Logon Directory.

If the user is a non-administrative user, clicking the link will make the user a site administrator and the FTP access will be enabled and the FTP logon directory will be set to be the default FTP root automatically.

Edit FTP Logon Directory
You can enable/disable the user's FTP access to the site. If FTP access is enabled, you can edit the userís FTP logon directory. Note: If the FTP logon directory is "FTP Access Disabled", it means that the userís FTP access is disabled.

Note: The FTP logon directory of a site administrator is not editable.



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