Edit FTP Logon Directory


This function allows you to enable/disable FTP access for the user. If FTP access is enabled for the user, you can edit the userís FTP logon directory.

FTP Access (Not Required)
Select this if you want the user to be able to access the site via FTP.
FTP Logon Directory (Not Required)
This field is for identifying an FTP home directory for the new user. This field is available only when FTP Access (see above) is checked. The FTP logon directory can only be set to be www directory or any directories under www directory. You can browse the directories to select an FTP logon directory.

If FTP access is enabled for a user, you may need to add the user's permissions on the specific FTP logon directroy under Security Management. Otherwise the user may not be able to logon to the site via FTP.

Once a user is assigned a logon directory, the user cannot access any higher (or parent) directories. The user can only access the directory the user has been assigned, and subdirectories of that directory.




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Last modified: October 11, 2010