Create New User

This function allows you to create additional users. With these users, you may use the Security Management functions to grant them access to certain files or directories, or add the users to the roles on the FrontPage Extensions functions under Server Configuration.

 User Name (Required)
This field is for identifying the user name you wish to create.
 Password (Required)
This field is for setting the password for the user you are creating. Password is CaSe SeNSiTiVe.
 Confirm (Required)
This field is for confirming the password. Password is CaSe SeNSiTiVe.
Site Administrator (Not Required)
Select this option if you want the new user to be a site administrator. If you do not select it, the new user is just a regular (non-administrative) user. You can grant non-administrative users access certain directories or files using Security Management functions.
Create Private Directory (Not Required)
Check it if you want to create a private directory which is the user name. The new user will have Read/Execute permissions on the directory and the default anonymous Web user browsers@DefaultUserName will not have any permissions on the directory.
FTP Access (Not Required)
Since site administrators receive FTP access by default, this field is available only when Site Administrator (see above) is not checked. Check it if you want the new user to be able to access to the site using FTP.
FTP Logon Directory (Not Required)
This field is for identifying an FTP home directory for the new user. This field is available only when FTP Access (see above) is checked. The FTP logon directory can only be set to be www directory or any directories under www directory. You can browse the directories to select an FTP logon directory.

If a new user is created as a site administrator, the FTP access will enabled and the FTP logon directory will be set to be the default FTP root automatically.

If a new user is created as a non-administrative user, and the FTP access is enabled, you may need to add the new user's permissions on the specific FTP logon directroy under Security Management. Otherwise the new user will not be able to log on to the site via FTP.

Once a user is assigned a logon directory, the user cannot access any higher (or parent) directories. The user can only access the directory the user has been assigned, and subdirectories of that directory.




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Last modified: October 11, 2010