Application Settings


This function allows you to cycle (stop then start) the application pool, enable or disable scripts, create or remove applications and edit the application permissions.

Application Pool
Your application pool consists of the applications that are always running on your server. Clicking Cycle at the top of the page is basically like rebooting your server. Clicking Stop turns off the application pool, allowing for longer downtime than that which occurs when clicking Cycle. After you have clicked Stop to stop the application pool, you will have the option of clicking Start to restart the pool when you are ready.

If an application is malfunctioning, you can stop and/or restart (recycle) it. This helps the specified applications in those pools remain healthy and ensures that system resources can be recovered.

Note: While the application pool is recycling, your Web site scripts will not run. This means script pages such as ASP, CGI, PERL and PHP pages will not work until the application pool is up and running again. When the pool is recycling, operations such as reading or writing data, may be interrupted. HTML pages without scripts will continue to run throughout the process.

Automatic Recycling You can enable this feature to have the server automatically recycle the application pool after a specified period of inactivity.
Automatic Recycling Period If automatic recycling is enabled, you can edit the recycling period time or disable it.

Script Mappings
Mapped applications such as Active Server Pages (ASP) applications are enabled initially. You can enable or disable these mappings. These settings are on the root of your web site and are inherited on all subdirectories.

The application on the root is created by default and cannot be removed. You can create or remove applications on the subdirectories by browsing the directories. You can click the radio buttun to edit the application permissions on different directories. Setting permissions to None restricts access only to static files such as HTML or image files. Scripts allows only scripts (ASP, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, Perl, VB Script) to run, not executables.



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Last modified: October 11, 2010